Monday, May 30, 2005

My Rides : Trip-IV; Malavalli

Where: Kurigaavlu, Malavalli, Mandya

Total Distance: 300 Kms. (150 Kms. one way)

Vehicles: 9 Vehicles - 5 Bajaj Pulsars, 1 Hero Honda CBZ, 2 Hero Honda Splendors & 1 Bajaj Boxer

Total Expenditure: Rs. 6000/- (Rs. 350/- Approx. per head)

Travel Duration: May 25 (Evening) to May 26 (Evening) 2005 (24 Hours)

Reason for Trip: Friend's Brother's marriage

Route Map: BEL Circle - Kengeri - Bidadi - Ramnagar - Channapattana - Maddur - Malavalli - Doddi - Kurigavlu.

Travel Team: 17 members (Class Mates)

Pilots: Nitin, Bhuvan, Sunil, Raghu, Harish, Kiran, Mahesh, Praveen, Narendra, Sandeep, Channe Gowda, Roopesh, Prashanth, Rajeeva, Sunil Babu, Kupendra and Shashi

Tour Diary:

Wednesday: We start off from Bhuvan's house near BEL Circle. Initially, only 7 bikes and 14 members start off. The other 2 bikes and 3 members start off next day. We are off at 6 PM. The plan of course was to start off at 2 PM. Forgetting that, we set Kengeri ORR (Outer Ring Road) Junction as the rendezvous point for a team of 2 boys who were taking the mysore road route instead of taking our ORR route. We meet them by 6:30 PM. Then by 9 PM we are in Maddur. We reach Harish's house. There we have Tea and Maddur Vadas. We leave from there and about 5 KMs from there, it starts raining heavily. We manage to Reach Doddi. It is around 10:15 PM now. There we have a small break to heaten up our bodies with Tea. The last warmth for us until we reach Kempe's house. We ride almost all the way till Kirugavlu under intense rain and misty conditions. The only major Joke till then was Kupendra's actions. We stopped a KM away from Kempe's house under utter confusion. It is around 12 AM now. Kupendra started answering the nature's call there in front of a house. Unfortunately for him the lights of the house went up and the owner came out hearing to the commotion created by 14 people. We reached Kempe's house soon. We had dinner and went to sleep.

Thursday: Bhuvan & I wake up early and go for a small trek before our routine chores. We are ready by 9:30 AM. Our gang of 6 have our breakfast. We are the first batch. We eat Chitraa anna and finish it off. Leaving only Uppittu for the remaining members of our tour batch. They eat it up, cursing us. Finally, at around 10:30 AM, we leave for Somnathpura. My I am really proud to have visited such an amazing temple. That is one real art work which can be compared to the likes of Belur-Halebidu. We finish our Lunch by 2 PM. We bid Kempe farewell by 3 PM. We are joined by 3 more members this time of course (2 bikes). The overall strength going up to 17 on 9 bikes. We have many near miss incidents on our way back to Bangalore. We are in Bangalore by 7 PM. after a 1 hour break in Harish's house for tea. But by the time we reach home, we have reached 10 PM due to heavy rain. Awesome? Aweful?

Try This Song : Kannada Naadina Veerara (Naagarahaavu Old)

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Bhuvan said...

Sisya, I had almost forgotton this as we could not take any pictures, hey we can ask Kempe to forward the scanned copy of his Brother's wedding photo.