Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ah...What a Dream!!!

Today on a wednesday just near the eve of the commencement of my 22nd year on this holy planet "Earth", well what more could I have expected from Nature? Nothing could be this frustrating. I may be well awake but have realised that whatever I experienced for the past "X" minutes or even hours probably was just the dream which I had craved for a couple of years now. But now that I have dreamt it, I want more of it. Hopefully, when I get more of it, I'll even experience that in stark reality.

For those who are confused of what I am telling, this is the holy, and most amazing part of life. Love. I don't know who the dream girl is or will be. But I am sure that one day, she'll be mine. Or I'll be hers. For me, this is quite new. But for those who experienced this, let me do all the learning, the hard way. This morning at 7:45 when My cab-mate started giving me the routine missed calls (hint that the cab is approaching my place) I really felt my tempers soar, the mercury rise like never before. That's because, He had shattered the climax of my....Fairy tale .... I only had to exchange the rings while this stupid call woke me up. (#$%!$%#$@@....)

But, At least I realised that this is certainly my kinda girl. Soft spoken but logically strong, traditional and well cultured, not too orthodox and of course, beautiful (in my words, no matter what the world thinks of the word). I know I can consider her my friend for company, mother to get back while going astray, daughter to play with and wife to share my gains (hope not losses) in any circumstantial necessities. I am certainly here putting up this blog hoping that someday (maybe today) I'll meet this friend who has for long hidden from me. The sun is beating down the road, but still I'm lost in the darkness of this thought. My heart still thumping as hard as ever. The picture of the gal, though only a blur image, still fresh in my mind. Things are a lot like a tsunami in my minds. Gods!! pacify my mind with the proper medication at the earliest.....

Try This : Jab kisi ki taraf (pyaar to hona hi thaa)

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Akshay said...

dont dream too much take it easy chillax !!