Sunday, May 22, 2005

Trust Love; Trust God...??!!

What is going on in India is that people are becoming more aware of criminal activities and their results. Thank the government to be a little stringent or strict in making or at least trying to make the country a safer place to live in. Nowadays, the criminals are getting punishments which maybe harsh but fair enough.

The above photo depicts the daughters of Shakereh Khaleeli who was murdered for gain by one fake person who calls himself "Swami Shraddhananda". Now why do people have to cheat in the name of God? Can we call God as the root criminal? I'm sorry to say that these people have made things a lot worse for people who believe that God's followers are the only people other than God himself who can guide them to some divine light.

Fine. For those who don't know what happened, here's the story. A gruelling incident which destroys all ideas of love and lovers' purity. The lady (the victim) was the grand daughter of the once renowned Sir Mirza Ismail, from the Royal Family of Mysore. This creepy criminal who once visited her, started developing relations with her. Soon, they both wed and one day (in 1991) this man did a shocking act. Buried the woman alive!! The victim's daughters Sabah and Esmath managed to lodge a complaint with Ashoknagar police only 11 months later...

The police managed to trace out this man and all his activities by some help with one of the servants of "Shree Swamy Shraddhananda". Very unfortunately, the man so famous for his cool and calm composure, was pronounced a death sentence "May he be hanged by neck until death". Now, what remains to be seen is whether the justice that has prevailed so far remains or will the culprit challenge the hearing in the high court and win for injustice. I hate putting up such blogs but this is a decision well taken by the sessions court.

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