Saturday, May 21, 2005

What a Birthday....Sick!!

This is no way to celebrate a birthday. I certainly have no idea what has happened to me in the last 2 days. Things aren't the way they were before. Usually, on my birthday, I manage to take my friends out for a treat. Not this time though. None of us are in a mood for a party. I just returned from college, dog tired like I was on a trip; To shirdi and back in 62 hours. That's an endurance test. Well, come down to Bangalore and you'll know what I mean by the phrase "Endurance Test".

Ever been to places like Hyderabad or Bellary in the peak summer? No need for a special mention of the heat there. Mid 40's. But in Bangalore, for people who observe the Thermometer, things will appear a lot cooler. But for the people of Bangalore, life has all of a sudden become as miserable as eating bread without anything else. Now, the problem which has for long loomed large around Bangalore has been the Humidity. The rains are expected to fall. But nope. Not a hint. And adding salt to injury is the fact that even if it rained, it has not happened where I am.

Now, another "-" in this year's birthday has been my elimination in one of the campus interviews which needed people to have 70% aggregate (In BE) till date and many people without this result attended the campus interview.

This is how the things went for me on my birthday:

  • I wake up in the morning only to find myself so very exhausted that I forgot my birthday and cursed the day like hell
  • I didn't have sufficient time to eat the sweet prepared by my mother as I was already late for college
  • I manage to reach college only 45 minutes late and I felt it hard to ride my bike with my illness
  • I attend the Final Internals of my B.E. educational career with utmost difficulty in remembering things. Luckily I am gifted 25 /25
  • Time doesn't permit me to present my long pending Project Seminar. I feel sick of having postponed the same now for weeks
  • I realise that Yesterday was the last day to collect my Aptitude test's Hall ticket and had to drive in the scorching sun all the way from north to south of Bangalore
  • I take my Friend Sunil with me who was sicker than I am. He was feeling dizzy and unable to sit. He's out with a mild doze of fever
  • I find out that I have to present a Power Point Show to my HOD today, SO I also have to go to Office for the same
  • When I finish my work, I go to my friend's room and swallow a tablet which is supposed to induce drowsiness. With Apthamitra playing on the system, the long needed sleep is not yet in me

I am not happy with the way things went for me on my birthday. This makes it 1 of 22. I hope the second number increases and the first remains 1.

Try This: In the End (Linkin Park)

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