Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Insane Workers.......

It is now at least 2 months since i joined Intel Technologies as an intern and it is now evident that the people here need to get the pay many think as an exaggeration. Always, people start working from late in the day and go all the way upto late in the night and maybe upto the wee hours of the next day. It is almost a double of the call-center job. No condemning the call-centers who are always there to support people.

But many a times we manage to see gents and ladies here working upto late in the night, minimum of 9 PM. It even extends to something like 3 AM. Intel most certainly deserves all the laurels which some one may give to the best work environment. People should and will never feel the necessity of any thing. Sometimes, instead of complaining, people take pleasure in working that long in this A/C office which is nothing next to a 5-* hotel. Frankly, I'm one of them.

Whenever I manage to see my team leader early, consider one fact. He's free! Usually I can see his long drooling eyes which appear something like that of an Addict! Not of a drug addict, but that of a super geek. One who's addicted to working for long hours. And why not. Intel makes sure you get everything to work. People can even make arrangements to login to the Intel network from home and yet work from home.

Now, a question may arise as to why all the people need to work out at the office when they can work from home?! I'd say, people here are also trained to cut down costs. Only those people who carry out net meetings and the like on a regular basis do that. Others would prefer working from office. That actually makes a serious impressions on our managers as well.

Now, Intel also makes arrangements for pick-up and drop at any insane hours which of course would be risk free. One can find people taking a lift back home at around 6 AM. The only thing missing here is what are known as BUNKERS in call centers where people can take time out and go to sleep for a few hours. With that, I am sure those insane workers (maybe including me) would be loitering here all night and more.

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Akshay said...

Not advisable for health. Insane hours of working means premature retirement. Discipline is much required more so when stress is a factor.