Saturday, May 07, 2005

Criminals die; Yet rise in crimes??

It is clear that Bangalore Police, even Indian Police for that matter have managed to pull up their socks and are upbeat about eliminating anti-social elements, slowly but steadily. But where is the action needed to eliminate anti-social activities? The Police are nowhere near even controlling the ever-rising crime-rate.

People who once had struck terror in the minds of the civilians are all becoming easy prey to the police bullets, or atleast, that's what the police say. But, if these criminals' death is still not able to control the rise in crime-rates, the whole problem is with the police not doing right things at the right time.

Late on saturday night, a criminal named Narsu was shot dead by the police. So what? This man had struck terror in 1999. This is 2005, nearly 6 years. During this period, he was only hunted down. The Police need to strike terror in these terrorists' minds. That's when the city would be safe.

But, as far as I can guess, this is impossible in the next decade at least. Yes, I am damn sure. I am that confident because of a funny, yet unexpected incident that took place with me and the police yesterday night.

I had been to visit my friends. On my way back, a crime officer (a 3* Inspector in our area station), with the usual over-sized pot-belly, flagged me down to stop. I did as he said. He came up to me and took a good look at the vehicle. He asked me to produce all the documents of the vehicle and my DL. That I managed to talk a bit boldly and produce him my license promptly made him go one step back and in the usual darkness of the Indian Roads, that Inspector was literally struggling to make out which vehicle I was driving. I responded that I am driving one of those late 90's Kawasaki Bajaj 4S champion. Later he asked me nothing and let me proceed.

The first problem is that these drunkards work from 7 PM to around about 10 PM at the max everyday for the same. Next, These guys used to ride one of these 4S Champions which used to make (and still makes) an aweful lot of noise as against today's near silent (4-Stroke) motorcycles. That means, they dont realise which bike to look for. Next of, they were looking for a Red colored Yamaha motorcycle in the vicinty which is responsible for many chain snatching incidents and robberies. Well, these guys are nowhere near to stopping the alarming rise in crime, let alone eliminating it.

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Akshay said...

A small digression

I was discussing this with my roomies yesterday. We know that every big city has this problem of prostitution, and every police man is aware as to where all this usually happens. Why not curb the activity once for all.

I got an interesting reply, as on now the number of rape cases are high, so if prostitution is also cut down that will go higher so thats the reason why policemen do not strike a packing up solution. I was like do u aid one crime to stop another ????

Its a complex issue, and more often than not the pot belly maamus are inefficient.

Nitin said...

Yup, but prostitution is just one issue. How about raping a prostitute herself!! That is ridiculous. But that's also a crime for which Narsu was shot dead. But, by far Police themselves turn criminals. How? Politics, Fear and Greed! No way those maamus are going to match international standards with their over -weight selves and those below standard equipment of theirs!!