Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DOOM!! One month of horror....

Bangalore. The one city which has been like a getaway for people who suffered different types of natural fury. Now, under the rule of our new CM, it has been a disaster. The main cause of all this? One month of continued torrential rain. Headlights on at 4 PM, crowded bus stations, crowded service stations, frantic phone calls pouring into BMP authorities and 87mm of rainfall was what Bangalore experienced on 25th Oct '05.

Well, Torrential rain? Don't be surprised with this phrase. Torrential rains are supposed to occur around the Brazil and other tropical countries like that right? I am having a very strange feeling that I can confirm what some geologists said after the Tsunami that the earth has changed its inclination. WEll, yes, maybe bangalore is now exposed to that region. Maybe thats the cause of all the low pressure regions and depressions.

Yesterday (25th Oct' 05) has been a day in Bangy, quite similar to 9/11 situations. As usual, the BMP, Fire personnel and other rescue teams were under prepared. Water all over the place. WE could see cars stalling anywhere and everywhere. Bikers had the toughest time. Roads collapsing, let alone the buildings. Low lying areas are grid-locked in water.

Our New CM is one real piece of crap. There no more exist any roads in Bangalore. Well, maybe a handful still exist!! :o. Shocking but true. MGs, Brigades and Airport road are some to name some. All other roads are ever growing grave-yards. Poor lighting, poor drainage and inadequate planning all add up to citizens' woes. MEG, RAF and other Army services have been called upon.

Now, the climax of this whole movie is yet to be expected. Touch-wood, there are no epidemic outbursts as of now. But this is the one major sword hanging above the heads of all of us (Bangy's citizens). One corner of our mind says that its OK and we will be safe once it stops raining. But even as I am wrapping up this post, concerns are rising high and the atmosphere is more than tense. When I started this post, it was sunny and bright, bringing hope to all of us. Now it is dark, like the twilight hour!!. The met dept. also has strange confidence in their prediction that this sorta weather will continue for another couple of days at least.

Will keep you all Bangy folks outta there updated with another post in the next few days.

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Even more shocking is the indifference of some of the city policemen who shrug away complaints from women

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Good Old Days...A Flashback

This post is about all the discussions I had with my friends over the past 2 days. A discussion about how we are oriented so much to automobiles, though I am a System Administrator. And the credit of this particular post goes to Akshay's blog post of the day.

Ever since I am born, I am a person genuinely very fond of automobiles, strangely fascinated about the technology and drive fed into them by man.

Late 80's to Early 90's:

Keep drawing or trying to draw whatever I happened to see on road.


Start playing around with cycle/moped tyres. That was a trend. Amazing game. Take a stick for all guiding forces (Turning, Accelaration, Braking)


Push around a cycle as I didn't know how to ride one. The scene looks like a pet animal running with its master :P


Street-Hawk is the most gripping series of all times and really instigates me to drive similarly. I learn riding a moped and I try one street-hawk stunt and face the ground. The roads taste blood from the left half of my body.


First ride on a geared vehicle. The Bajaj 4S champion owned by my dad. The beginning of a new revolution. The racing era.


Psychological aversion to the moped. I happen to fall off a moped and consequently, co-incidentally though I fall sick with Jaundice, followed by Chicken Pox. That fall meant I never again touch the moped (at least till now).


The racing era gains momentum with a more powerful Hero Honda -CBZ


The worst yet stunning ever endurance ride. This may sound like foolishness, but our trip to Shirdi was accomplished in 62 hours, which includes 12 hours of rest at Shirdi. 2000 odd Kms. in 50 Hours!!! :o

Early 2005:

I have started off on one of the dream projects in automobiles line. My favorite. I just hope that this project clicks. This project has been in my minds for quite some time now. I expect that to be realised by 8 years down the lane

Late 2005:

Beginning of a four wheeler era. 2 Fast 2 Furious gets real into me. I now own what was once a real sport car on Indian roads, a Maruti Zen.