Monday, May 09, 2005

Have Money? Score More....

Yup! You've read it right. Never has this problem had a solution. This time of course, it is arounf 40 Engineering students who were caught tampering about 109 answer sheets in Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Crime Branch police have managed to catch 11 of them apart from 3 daily wage workers in the Anna University in connection with the paper tampering case.

These students are all from Anna University and from highly respected branches like Electronics and Computer Science. These people had allegedly paid the Anna University workers at Rs. 4000/- per paper for 109 answer sheets. According to the police, the deal was that the original answer sheets which were filled up during the examination will be switched with answer sheets that was written later.

How were they picked up? The police from the Crime Branch raided many students houses, all the students being bonafide to SRM College, Crescent Engineering College and Velliammai college. The police have raided homes in Chennai and Kancheepuram. Kancheepuram being so famous, this is a shame on the town of temples and silk. The people need to realise the same. Not to mention the name and fame of Chennai for all what it provides.

And even in Chennai, I now feel sick to mention this, but places like Vandalur, Adambakkam, Anna Nagar West and West Mambalam, some of the places which are associated to my early days, are also raided by the police for such a miserable crime!! The university has managed to find out that the students residing in this area being Tagore engineering college students and Bharat engineering college students have also managed to do the answer paper swapping!

Of course, as usual, the management of these institutions claim that the money flow in the students is responsible for the same. In Karnataka, if a student does some sort of mal-practice, the University would pounce on the person and debar him or suspend him for a given period. On the other hand, there can be no way that such a serious issue becomes a scam or a racket sort of a thing when even minor paper leaks will be considered seriously. I guess that the other education departments need to wake up and learn from us!!

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Akshay said...

Plagiarism is the biggest crime and it hasnt been seriously dealt with in India. It should be that way otherwise we will remain where we are.