Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Laziness.... More and yet more!!

When I started engineering, I realised that Laziness is not all. Lot of struggle to the first semester exams and there was the result. A Fail? Yes of course, I had failed in one subject which others would have not even dreamt of scoring less than 45 in. Civil Engineering. But as months went by, I realised that Engineering in India, especially from VTU, Belgaum, is just a cake walk.

Now, don't get carried away by my words that Engineering is easy. Easy it is as long as you have good facilities in the Labs and some understanding lecturers who make up your internal marks for the bare minimum at least without too much of a fuss. As far as my college is concerned, I need to study 2 hours before the internals and prepare just hard enough to score well in the final exams. That's during the study holidays.

So, Laziness started creeping in after i settled down in college. Who expected 3 semesters down the lane, I would be going to bed at around 10 PM after freaking out like hell everyday, visiting Barista but finally managing to wring out the book by burning the midnight oil!! Now, the heights of Laziness has only increased

During the middle days of engineering, I had some sort of work to do. They include washing my bike, looking after the house construction work and thinking about what can be fitted in the house during construction so that things don't get messy later on.

Also, I managed to force my dad to buy a new Television set for the upper floor of my house. I was thrilled with the same and used to watch T.V. like hell, be the program interesting or not. Finally, all those days of thrill is now settling down into a mature professional's life, deep down under.

Now, all I need to do is sit and think lazily as to what I have to do. Every weekend, I visit my friends after a week's anonymity with them. We have a lazy night. All of us don't even visit the Dhabas these days like in those days. We assemble near the bed and sleep like back-less patients and talk. I manage to be lazier even. I dont talk. Just listen. Sometimes, even that is not possible. I just sleep off.

Now, I somehow managed to buy a Bean-bag myself and whoa! I think that the bean bag has somehow increased my scale of measuring laziness. I just lie there like Garfield the cat and at times I somehow switch on the T.V. (Only if one of those interesting Formula 1 races are on) and then, don't even bother to switch off the mains. To assist my laziness, I can set my Comp also to "HIBERNATE" after 10 minutes of idle time so that I just manage to play a song list and go to bed. When the play-list ends and when the comp shuts down is up to its destiny to decide.

Just hope that my destiny doesn't have too many of these lazy years in the future so that I can make best use of my time.

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Akshay said...

I dont remember sleeping less than 14 hours a day during engg. Now I do it for about 10 - 12 but at odd times thats all