Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Theorem + Proof! Girls are evil.....

Well, many people comment upon Girls that they're evil and many also manage to argue upon this long standing theorem. But does anyone have the proof for this ill-treating theorem?

Basically, I am against this cruel statement. But being a Boy, I surely ought to prove the theorem. So, lets go through this theorem's proof, Step-by-Step

We know that Girls need Time and Money (Axiom)

So, Girls = Time X Money ----- (1)

We also know the age old saying

Time = Money (Axiom)

Hence, we can derive from (1) that

Girls = Money x Money,

Girls = (Money)^2 ----- (2)

Another famous statement our elders say that Money is the root of all evils. Now, substitute the same in statement (2)

We arrive at the following

Girls = ((Evil)^1/2)^2

According to simple mathematics laws, the square of the square root of anything will cancel the square and square root fair and square.


Girls = Evil.

Hence Proved. Now, Guys, use this theorem to prove that whatever you say about Girls is proven factually, mathematically and by elders themselves.

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Akshay said...

One girl will be an angel no matter what now u can keep ur theory, proof, etc etc to yourself. Thank you :P