Tuesday, June 14, 2005

We are Engineers!!; Are We???!!

Finally, the fortnight long blogging-break came to a sad end and I'm Back to blogging times...

Ahh!! The four year long B.E. marathon has come to an end. But this was not the style which one would have expected from the God Damn ultimate exams. I would rather mention this examiner's name and make him infamous the world over. But I always like to fight like a Man and accept whatever comes my way and act maturely.

Well, for people who have had a cakewalk of an exam everytime from 5th Semester by just studying around 15 days for 5 subjects, the theory paper this time was a nightmare considering the fact that we studied harder. 1 Subject - 1 week. The theory paper proved its name. Purely theory. What could've been a combination of 3 sub-questions per question, was bot to be. And how long do you expect to keep writing?

Forgetting the theory paper. Who does not know that the lab exam is a sheer work of the internal guide. It is intended at boosting the student's marks to a much more acceptable range. Well if you all accept this, then we are friends; At the wrong side of assumption. The external examiner we had was a real pain in the ass. He was hot as a Red Chilli. He started asking ambiguous questions. Ambiguous in the sense, questions for which VTU has not mentioned any written standards. Nor has our college responded to.

First error he eyed: Name of the external guide on the cover sheet of the report is missing. Well, my answer to that, I used the general template which was given to us by our College authorities. Blame them, not me!! He already rose in his temper.

Next error he felt: No Address of Intel in the certificate. Well... that is nothing valid. Intel has around 7 sites in and around Bangalore city. So they'd just mentioned Intel, Bangalore, India. This fool of an ass examiner tried to scare me by laying down my Report and saying "Im rejecting your project..". All this happened when our internal examiner was out for Lunch. When he came back, I didn't hesitate to complain to him. He just in turn told the external " Please look into his project.." and the external made no fuss of my internal examiner's words. I am assured that I will get at least 80/100. Hopefully, that is sufficient. As of now, I am satisfied that I am an Engineer and will be working in Computing environments.

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Akshay said...

I dont find any reason y you are cribbing. All I know is a true test of an engineer is a spontaneous problem and not something which guys are aware off.

Nitin said...

The point of all this muttering is that there was no reason for the external to unnecessarily leap around over us for no mistake of ours. Well!! At least I'm confident of facing my future tests like a man.... Errr....Engineer!!!