Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Something Touching!!

One of my friends sent me one really touching sms which really has a lot to learn from:

"I cried because I had no shoes till I saw a man with no feet!"

Life is full of blessings. Sometimes we're just too blind to see them. I feel very sorry for that feeling I developed towards the poor after reading this very logical message. But remember one thing, I really feel that we should only be content with what we have. Only something, that we should really expect something more which is realistic for Growth.

Try This Song: Socha Nahin Tha (Kaante, Shaan)


Akshay said...


There are always more ways than one to look at things. Being an optimist is so important in life. I am happy what you have written here is showing some change in you as an individual. Hope you will do very well. I am also very happy that you got into Intel, Just remember 4 years ago people where pointing their finger at you and i told you then too chill life has too many pleasant surprises :). Good luck and u will get chocolates soon ;)

Nitin said...

I really feel it even touching that I managed to understand ur feelings now what u wanted me to feel then. I am so thankful to all you people who have been with me all the way till here. And as far chocolates are concerned, don't forget the other stuff. The most important thing I need is the Pen Drive.