Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nice Quiz!!

Akshay really has me to take this quiz. Maybe, I'll put down frank things frankly...

Names You Go By:

Big Ben

Three Screen Names You Have Had:

West Big Ben
Mika Hakkinen

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:

Broad Body Structure
French Beard
Strong Calf Muscles

Three Physical Things You Don't Like About Yourself:

Improportionte Height to my Width
Little Fingers against larger Palm
Cracked Feet (At all times)

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:




Controlled Aggression
Result Oriented

Three Things That Scare You:

Unusual Sentiments
Dogs Barks (Esp. Higher dB noises)
Ever Rising Petrol Rates in Bangalore

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:

2 Cups of Tea (1+1)
A ride on my Silver Arrows (CBZ)
A Clean Siesta after gr8 lunch

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:

An "Adidas" Bermuda
A Lacoste T-Shirt
A Timex Watch

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:

Great Understanding
U Lead ur life, I lead mine to some extent
Mostly, Love me like u really should & I'll love u more than expected

Three statements that are not all true or all false:

I hate sleeping for long hours
I want to own a Mercedes-Benz
I haven't experienced true love so far in Life (This is apart from the obvious love of parents and nature)

Three Physical Things About the Opposite Sex That Appeal To You:

Long Black Hairs
Great Driving Ability
Humourous Attitude

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:

Go to the Western Ghats for a week long Drive
Get an Appointment Order with Intel
Eat A great Buffet at IndyJoe in Airport Road

Three Careers You Are Considering:

Systems Administrator
Aerodynamics Engineer/ Race Strategist
Racing Driver

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:

Bermuda Triangle (Curious to know about it)
Kemmangundi (Tallest peak in Karnataka)
New Zealand (Kool Snow capped mountains)
Paris, France (Romantic Motor Freaky people)

Three Kids Name You Like:


Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:

Clear some mysteries that have arisen in my life
Race for a weekend in a Formula 1 GP
Talk with love to my loved one (if Any) for one whole day and give her all she wants
Some dreams are to be fulfilled which I prefer keeping to myself

Three People Who Have To Take The Quiz Now:


Try This: Idhar Chala Main (Koi Mil Gaya, Udit Narayan)

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