Sunday, July 03, 2005

To Sir - With Love...

It has been hanging around in my mind for the past 3 years but now I am really experiencing it. No pleez.. We don't like missing those days with our beloved Professor, OUR HOD.

He's been the God-father of the Heaven of our College called as the Department of CS/IS. He was solely responsible in the mega results spree in our college. The best department under him has been ours and the best batch under him will only be ours. How am I so confident about my words? He is now taking leave of us, flying off to the US. The reason I would not like to publicize. But, he remains one of the few people in my books who will get all my support/gratitude until my memory remains. He has won many a hearts with his greatest skill, LEADERSHIP.

He has always supported us like a big brother should, talked to us like a close friend should and even punished us like our parents do. For our gang of 5-6 boys, this is the experience we never like to feel. It has always been that in my life, the one thing that remains dear to me for quite some time vanishes all of a sudden. Maybe I can consider that as my mis-fortune, but have to live with it. That is the bitter fact. To support it, I have never got a chance to go back and physically thank my teachers who have helped shape my career, because they move away so far that I cant even reach for them. And to affirm it, our HOD now is bidding us all a sentimental good-bye. I can't bear to think that he gets added to that list. Because at this juncture in our life, he gets the HIGHEST respect in our life and I will still wait for showing him my Gratitude.

We only managed to gift him a meagre watch for the near perfect man. That is the snap put up above. That was done in an emotional send off party to the final year students by the college management at the Le Meridian. His presence is so felt that even our secretary steps back to make an opportunity for him to be with us. The only thing that remains now is the final dinner- party we have decided to give him this friday.
We Love you Sir... We won't, can't, shan't forget you!!
Try This Song - Zindagi Ke Safar (Aap Ki Kasam, Kishore Kumar)


Bhuvan said...

Nitin, you are terrible as you stole all possible opportunities from us to put our sentiments in terms of words. This time I spare you only because you have expressed our Love, Respect, Honor and Thoughts much way beyond our capabilities.
I can never forget those overwhelmed moments in HOD's amenity. He is unique in his own stance, accent, gesture or even the sense of humor. Sir, to be simple and concise, we strictly stand by Nitin’s words and also depict that we are still the same boys who always wished you a tranquil life. Miss you from bottom of our HEARTS.

Anonymous said...

I met HOD a couple of days ago and words couldnt express how happy i was to see him. We hugged each other and we talked about a lot of stuff. As always he stood by me when i was discussing about the present job market scenario. Thank you sir! Thanks for standing by us when ever we need it. There is one more thing that words cant describe, the pain when he was about to leave. But am sure that i will definitely meet him.

Once again, Thank you sir! Thanks for standing by us all the time.