Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The best ever ad....

Today I happened to watch a simple yet really heart-touching advertisement after a long time in Indian television history. This just projects the mother-offspring relationship in a really sentimental manner.

Now, the ad is Brooke Bond Red-Label Tea. First I thought it is yet another of those late night studies projected and this is some sort of humor projected. Now, after I saw the whole ad, I realised that it is so much filled with emotions.

A girl is studying late in the night and the lady of the house sees this and prepares tea for the girl. When she gives the cup of tea, the girl is shocked and says: "Memsaab, aap??". Here I thought that the girl is playing with her mom. Then, I realised that the girl is supposed to be the lady's maid. Then she is lost in memories of her mother. The lady says, even I'm like your mother. The script maybe a lot like just a swan-song. But the director has the credit for the best ad movie.

Try This Song: Heluvanu Oravan (Jogi)

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