Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A team dinner....

For the first time in my life I just experienced what the IT boom is all about!! Just yesterday, I attended my first ever Team Dinner with our team here at Intel. The party itself being organised at a restaurant called Zero-G, it was a dinner with our senior manager.

There were a bunch of Americans who had flown in for some official purposes. Obviously, these guys were here just to have an overview of how we're doing in his absence! Well, there were many other obvious reasons for which they were here. Well, the experience that I managed to share with these kool people was something sort of memorable.

First off, the party was in no way a glum one where people come dressed in a royal suit and sit about with a glass of coke or whatever soft drink. There was Rum, Vodka, Beer etc. etc. for all those who aspired to drink that particular night. And many did!!

Next, the Americans were no guests to us. What I mean to convey in this context is that though I'm seeing them for the first time and some of them were visiting India for the first time, they were a game among all. They discussed about their locality and neighborhood. We discussed our counterparts.

And there was one really funny incident. Three of us (my local partner, an American {am} and me) were eating together at a table. As usual, it was a buffet. And the regular things flew by. "howz the weather there?"; "How d'ya like b'lore". The Am said that he was born & brought up in Los Angeles. He works now in Oregon. So, my team mate asked "are there kya-scene-o's there?". The Am said, what "Kya-scene-o's?". Then I had to intervene saying "My friend here meant to ask about a CASINO".

That was just one of the very light moments we had that evening. All in all, this is just the beginning of more such hilarious nights to come!!!

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