Friday, July 29, 2005

A Prayer to God...... (U/A rated post)

The following picture is the photograph of one of those really unlucky and sorrowful kids on earth who probably doesn't even realise that from the moment he was born, his parents are counting his days for him.

I really feel that the vast efforts that their parents are putting in trying to save the kid is all going down the drain. I must really be thankful to God that I am healthy enough to be one of those who can help this boy's recovery.

Here's how to save the kid: The parents need money to get him operated. But they're apparently poor. So, they have approached AOL. AOL has a simple plan. They send out an e-mail to a few people. Each person recieving this mail and forwarding to three people further, would be donating a few cents through AOL.

Now here's the sorry state. Worldwide, there are a millions of users. Many are heartless, many timeless. But mostly, people won't prefer helping such mails which at times turn out to be hoaxes. But I guess that the following photograph will say what all this blog is about.

Save This Kid!!

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Akshay said...

holy cow !!!

I really cant see that pic i wonder how that poor little thing is living :sheesh: