Monday, July 25, 2005

Enjoy India... But Not Now!!!

India seems to be at its glorious best this time around. Especially the southern and south-western parts of our glamourous country seems to be adding more and more glamour by the day. Reason: It is rainy season at its fullest for the past week.

But one thing that has become very unfortunate is that the rains are reaching a state of "Ati Vrishti" as they call it. This means that there is no respite from rains continously for a long period of time. There was a time when people claimed that Bangalore is renowned to maintain its temparature at moderate. No extremes. Well This is gone. Bangalore is probable moving away from the equator!! Each day when it rains, the temperature drops further down. Last week, we had a few spells of shower which brought the temperature to as low as 25 Degrees C.

Today, when I had a meeting with my manager who currently is touring Folsom, US, he said that the nights there are scorching at 30 degrees C. I said, "well then come down to Bangalore. You will be greeted with Canadian weather! Heavily overcast, 15-18 degrees C and regular rains". He was shocked of what he heard.

Nowadays, Bangalore is nowhere in the news. Famine and drought affected areas like Gulbarga, Hubli-Dharwad etc. etc. are enjoying FLASH FLOODS. Now what can be said about the sudden change? The Krishna Raja Sagar dam or the famous KRS as it is known, rose by 6 ft. in a matter of 2 days! It stands now at 107 ft against 125 ft. Tunga and Bhadra rivers are flowing already at their maximum levels. These will overflow any time now.

Another such affected area. On our way to Kudremukh, the divine hill station, we start our uphill journey from a place called Kalasa. These days, Kalasa itself is isolated owing to floods which have left roads drowned and telephone and electricity disrupted. To add to woes, Hornadu is a place wholly situated on the other side of the river, which has to be crossed using 2 low-lying bridges. For sure these would already be hidden under-water.

Finally, Mumbai is experiencing unimaginable spate of rain and floods have brought normal life to a standstill. Intel (our office there) has announced emergency holidays and that employees need not come until further notice. Telephone services are disrupted. Adding woe to injury is that no cellular service is currently working there. Bangalore on the other hand has lot improved in such situations when compared to yester-years. No power failure, no drainage overflowing, no casualties, no disease outbreak, no loss of BSNL phones communication and no mobile service outage. Namma bengaluru is a city worth a visit now. British weather? or Canadian Weather? Visit Bangalore and decide for urself. For now, I'm going out to eat a benne Masala Dosa, and a cuppa Kaapi, followed by Mini Meals for the afternoon !!

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Akshay said...

Yes man heard the situation in places like mumbai and baroda last month is bad. Hopefully things will settle

Nitin said...

Yes, but most places are experiencing highly unusual levels of rainfall!! Real hange in fortunes for all!!!