Monday, July 18, 2005

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.......

The good old cowboy standout has occured again in the Formula 1 scene. Or Maybe even, it has not ended ever since the in-famous US -GP of 2005. Let us set out the scene:

The Good: The F1 Drivers who are struggling because of the fiasco that occured during the US GP. These guys are sandwitched many ways. The FIA, The Team management, The Tire Manufacturer and Their own sponsors.

The Bad: The FIA who denied any alterations, albeit temporary, to the existing Indianapolis race track. This forced the 7 teams using Michelin rubber to withdraw from the US GP.

The Ugly: The Michelin team who unfortunately got it all wrong for the first time this season (2005). This forced a 11th hour meeting b/w the teams, Michelin and the FIA for temporary chicanes or pit-lane running etc. to cut down the speed.

Now, FIA is sure to face a mammoth of a task. Michelin though, has already begun repaying the money to all the fans who were booing in the US GP after the farce...err... race began. Also, Michelin has promised 20,000 tickets of the US GP, 2006 if it is included in the 2006 calendar. Right, if Michelin is clearing of its "DEBTS", then what is FIA scared of? The teams?

Well, the teams have a legal binding with their tire supplier that they agree with the decision made by the tire supplier if they have to get the legal safety guarantee by the tire manufacturers. So, the teams were forced to withdraw and hence, the FIA has also cleared the Teams of any possible penalty.

Well, that leaves us with the drivers. So, the answer to FIA's worries is the word - 'Drivers'. The 20 super-license holders on the F1 grid have threatened that the second half of the 2005 season could turn out to be a nightmare worse than the farcial US GP. These drivers who are already concerned about their safety during the testing as the tires they use should last a whole race and tires are not to be changed during the race pit stops, are posing a threat to the organisers of the F1. Kimi nearly injured himself enduring the race win on badly flat-spotted tires in the European GP.

And worst of all, this threat is headed by none other than the great Michael Schumacher, 7 times world champion. FIA is really on their toes.

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