Saturday, July 09, 2005

Prefer Education, Not Punishment

I think this sentence is what is running in the minds of each person driving a vehicle on the Indian roads. This, I think, is the only way forward if we need good cultured and well mannered "Drivers" in Indian Roads

To support this statement, I guess I have sufficient proof in the means of the story I wish to explain here. One evening when I was returning from office, I happened to be running near the yellow line (in the middle of the road) and luckily, saw a cop from the newly introduced COBRA team. He stood there and hinted to me as if to say, you better not cross the yellow line and I promptly obeyed. Behind me, a Pulsar who was faster than me, crossed the line and somehow cuddled himself up in such a way that his tyres were both inside the yellow line.

Now, the real guts of Military people tried to make itself prominent. 2 Army men riding on a Honda Dio scooter invaded the lane of on-coming traffic. This COP intervened, stopped these Nincompoops and asked them to go back to the beginning of the yellow line and join the queue there. This man had nothing else to do but to join the queue at a place even far behind than he could've probably been.

Now, these men did heed to the words of the cop and also, there was no loss in terms of money as a fine / penalty. So I feel, that this mode of "EDUCATION" works far better than the "PENALTY" mode. And moreover, these COBRA cops (blue uniform) are not irritants as the other pot-bellies who are clad in white shirts and khakhi trousers. And these COBRAs are also mild mannered and soft spoken people who appear like Public Relation Officers.

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