Sunday, April 03, 2005

Life after Death; Possible??....

It may seem a bit wierd if you happen to come across a person who always keeps warning you that "You do this mistake and in your next life you're sure to be born blind, or born lame!!!" and so on. But man has for long believed that there is life after life and life after death. The cases of reincarnation all speak for themselves. People belive to wake up in the night with a nightmare which they believe is their past life's harsh memories which keep troubling them quite often. This is not a one time affair though. These nightmares recur on them.

Long ago, many scientists and psychologists had suggested that there cannot be life after life or life after death since the whole concept is against the law of nature that was is born must die and all the biological cells in any living body cannot live for long and after all a living body is a collection of atomic cells which are all to die one day. This means, that a whole concept of soul is eliminated. Then the idea of reincarnation doesnot occur.

But recent research has proved that the life in a body is an energy, a collection of various other natural energies which means, life as a whole is energy and according to the theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein, E=(mc)2, Energy cannot just disappear into thin air. What actually happens is energy gets converted from one form to the other. So now, who's wrong and who's right? Is it that Biology is right or Physics is right.

Finally, NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) has proved that there's always a chance for Life after Death!! The whole concept of re-incarnation is said to be true and the doctors, professors there, reckon that re-incarnation is possible. More on this when NIMHANS spill the beans on their latest discovery.


Akshay said...

interesting subject;

Look at it from this angle

Nimhans says a possibility,

E=(mc)2, Stephen Hawkins is close to contradicting this.... But still ur way of putting it holds as energy cannot be lost somewhere..

Finally, NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) has proved that there's always a chance for Life after Death!!

Proving of a chance is still hypothetical isnt it! But i guess this is quite an issue for research in decades to come!

Interesting post

Nitin said...

Ya, a chance of Life after Death rather than a strong reckoning of exact persistance of Life after Death is sort of hypothetical!! But still, Life after Death is an enigmatic science which people are still wary of. It is believed that only some of the people encounter this strange phenomena and not all. Hence the phrase "Chance of" in the Blog. Anyway, thank you for commenting!!