Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Bermuda Triangle... Strange!

Strange it is, but also true. Not many have time to wonder what happened to those thousands of people who vanished into thin air dissolving all theories proposed by Einstein that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Neither do I. But I take this blog to express my view about the so called Devil's Triangle.

Is this some kind of a scientific magnificence or some kind of mythical horror? There cannot be two explanations for one phenomena. Well, firstly what / where is the bermuda triangle? This is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean. It is bound by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico as its points. Many people claim that countless ships, planes and people have disappeared into this. People also claim strange occurances here.

One explanation for the Bermuda Triangle is that it is a store of static electricity and when Human static merges with the local static, the human loses conscience making sure that the vehicle and hence the other human beings get lost. To counter this, many say there are electro magnetic forces there and hence static electricity cannot be a persistent factor there.
Fine, if there is electro magnetic force, then why the hell don't all the flights travelling through those disappear. As statistics have it straight, the loss percentage is more during the tourism season than the off season!! What does this have to prove? God only knows!

There was once a strange occurance that dates back in the 1970's. In one of the live shows, when a topic about Bermuda triangle was the matter of conversation, what actually happened was that they recieved a phone call from an "UNKNOWN" number which couldn't be traced down. The voice person who spoke over the phone was crystal clear but still had resemblances to a long distance call. The recording reveals the person saying that he's in a third world, a sort of between earth and sky, where he's held captive for some holy work. This is Crap. A live show broadcasting and telecasting such Bull ****.

If that was not enough, a group of sailors who went on an expedition made sure that their journey was as safe as travelling in their own coccoon. Not a hair on their body was singed. Immediately after that, another group wend by and one of them was reported saying that he lost radio contact, compass going insane and all of a sudden he saw a huge unusually tall wall in front of him. Even his powerful flood lights on the Ship was not enough to see the far end of that "GREAT WALL OF BERMUDA". He's also escaped unscathed.

Bermuda Triangle is slowly becoming one major attraction for me. At least before I want to forget this, I just wish I can fly through the triangle, come back and say Guys, try out ur science or myth. But I am here, Alive again, against all your veiws on just another place on earth....

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