Monday, April 11, 2005

Michel de Nostradame....

Born in Dec, 1503 in France, Michel de Nostradame, now famous as the renowned Nostradamus, renowned for his famous predictions and prophecies. He predicted the life of whatever he felt he should know about. His prophecies date back to his own days to the most recent Tsunami which occured in Sumatra Islands.

He was one of those miracles who lived in the world for around 63 years. He had a very strong feeling about his own self that he could predict the happenings around. Today who doesn't belive in his faith about predictions...

He first proved it to one of his friends. Once when Nostradamus went to his friend's place to spend a day, his friend jokingly asked what would be the fate of his two pigs?? Nostradamus said that both the pigs would be killed. The black one would be eaten by the dogs.

His friend laughed out loud and hence ordered his servants to cook the black pig for them that night. Later in the night when the two sat for eating, Nostradamus' friend said, "look we are eating the black pig, not the dogs". Nostradamus just smiled back and said, "this is the white pig, not the black one". When inquired about, Nostradamus' friend's wife replied that it was the white pig as the dogs managed to bite off a bit of the black pig after it was cooked for eating. Well, didn't Nostradamus prove enough?

If not, he told his servant on the night of July 1, 1566 that he would not see the sunrise the next morning. So he didn't. He'd died. He also predicted that once his tomb is opened by a particular man, he wouldn't survive. If he by chance did, then and only then the man would acquire his prediction powers. Yes!! Even this was found true when a French army was ambushed after the drunk soldiers managed to open the tomb sometime in 1791.

Some of his famous predictions:

  1. Two birds will hit two pillars and the pillars will collapse. (WTC 9/11)
  2. A lady will rule the sub-continent for around 8 years. (Indira Gandhi)
  3. A Short mustached man will snap up all the power in Germany. (Adolf Hitler)
  4. A huge impact in the Indian-Ocean will drown many lands alike, triggering the end of Earth (Tsunami)

The last prediction still may look like a part fulfilled one yet. But scientists still predict 2017 to 2020 A.D. to mark the end of Asia due to many factors.

Long Live Nostradamus!!! Long Live his Predictions and Prophecies!!!

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Akshay said...

Cmon man i cant imagine u beleive this CRAP. That guy said something in his very own language and our ppl of today just put one and one together. I am not sure if all this can be correlated.

Nitin said...

@ Akshay
Neither am I sure. But hey!! At least the French have to be trusted until someone our own has learnt French to decode whatever he's penned down. Only then we can believe the Crap is whatever he said. No belief. But strange Co-incidence ain't it??