Sunday, April 17, 2005

Caution! Lady at the wheel..

Driving on Indian roads
Those hairy moments on the roads, those insane sundry drivers and all the hoch-poch accident spots. Bbrrr... certainly sends a cold wave up my spine but what actually happens? There are a bunch of maniacs out there who are solely responsible for all those accidents. But who is the actual Culprit?? The cyclists? The pedestrians who all of a sudden gleamingly leap out of the foot-paths to share the roads with the already congested B2B traffic? or the Auto-rickshaw drivers who are proud of driving the unique 3-wheeled vehicle? If your answer was yes to either of these questions or yes to all, then you're sadly mistaken because I'm yet to mention the most dangerous drivers on Indian roads, the "LADIES" !!!

Now take a breath for a second. Every single lady driver was after me today and one of them almost had me killed. I dont realise one thing, how do they assume that 20 days in a driving school owned car & 2 days for the licence would make them a full fledged driver? Males know what it is like driving in the city and driving in the country side. They usually prefer cars to suit their caliber. Women? Give them a chance and they'll drive anything to the puny little reva to the C-class Skoda sedan to the Toyota SUVs and just throw their wheels around where they want. But India also has smart drivers (like me) who can somehow show a clean pair of heels to these most wanted maniacs. I mean, there's no point in driving in the traffic by these ladies. In one of the signals, I was in the middle lane, one lady driving an SUV was in another. In front of the lady, there was a huge gap, daylight streaming in through there. When the vehicles moved, I switched on my indicators and tried to move right, she didn't let me go. I mean, she was in the right end lane, about to go straight, just barged left with her SUMO and what was I left with? nothing but power and luck. My bike soared out of the blues and managed to put me well ahead of her and she just created a scene there. She screeched in the middle of the road and the traffic went helter skelter.

Now I am beginning to feel why Indian males are so good in driving in the dirt tracks...!!

Ladies in the European and American countries are gifted with proving grounds and long organised roads to prove that they're the best. Bring them here and they're all the same. I'm damn sure. Hope God realises that Males are Males and Females are Females and helps out those poor males out there on the road!!!

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