Monday, April 25, 2005

Apthamitra... A Worth Watch!!!

One of the top hits in the Kannada film Industry, Aaptamitra is one of the award winners for sure. Guru Kiran is at his best again with the music while the stars are always special through out the movie.

Based on the concept of Ghosts and dual personality, this movie always will occupy a special place in the minds of the people who are really fond of watching some hillarious horror. As far as special credits? Now, I'll have to mention all the stars of the movie except for one. If you've guessed at all, the special performance award can be shared by the amazing on-screen performances by Vishnuvardhan, Ramesh Aravind, Soundarya, Avinash and Dwarkeesh. But Prema can be the black spot in the movie with extra-ordinary over acting.

What to watch out for? The special body-language of Vishnuvardhan which is far better apart his usual serious stuff but a lot like a cool headed Psychiatrist (Mano Gyaana) and the magnificent display of split personality by the late Soundarya; GOD she really performed to show her days neared. And not to forget the ever growing naturality in Ramesh Aravind, boy did he act in that film or ....? Hey!! Avinash seems to have got a small role in this film but his physique really suits that role and he too makes the viewers stand up on their feet with his deep cut voiced dialogs.

The story? A mentally weak person falls prey to her own curiosity of a Ghost in a haunted palace which once belonged to an emperor. The person is later cured with medicine and mythology. For God sake, no Kannadiga should miss this multi-starrer thrill fest!!!

Try This : Kana-kanade Shaarade [Aapthamitra]


Akshay said...

For Kicks you must watch

Manmatha Raja
Ananthana Avaantara
Premakke Sai


But yes i heard apthamitra is good unfortunate cant see it here.

Nitin said...

Nice ones. Kick ge Uppi ne bittu bitte. Upendra, Tarle Nan Maga, A and Excuse Me. Some of the equally rated movies in Kannada. Of the above mentioned ones, Anantana Avaantara i've watched as others are still pending. Thanks. Let me see If i can send u the CDs of Apthamitra via courier.

Akshay said...

hey dont take the trouble of sending by courier some junior bangys will come in august will ask them to get it. Now of what u mentioned i feel A is still a nice movie the rest are kick ass.