Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cowards!! Back for Attacks??!!..

Be it Pakistan or be it Bangladesh, these good for nothing nincompoops have no better job it figures. God damn idiots are always waiting to drag 1 man from our army into their camp of over 100 and kill the Indian Hero. Man, it just shows that they all agree now, that every single Indian Army man really needs 100 or more puny Bangladeshi (or Paki) soldier to get killed. Anything less in number will never do. Is that what the incident that occured on the Saturday, 16th April in Agartala, suggests??

Indian BSF Assistant commander Jeevan Kumar had been slaughtered by endless knife slaughters and finally shot point-blank. Not to mention the Constable K K Surendran who is currently battling for life in one of the Hospitals. That just shows the brutality filled in the minds of all the terrorists the world over.

Well, if this is not brutal enough, the UPA government is yet to take notice of this as it has been taken over by the ministry of External Affairs which is drowned in the visit of Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Just to go throught the incident, the BDR kept firing into the Indian territory all night while a group of Bangladeshis in civil dress managed to rush these two into the Bangla Rifles personnel. Only when the firing stopped did the BSF manage a flag meeting to retrieve their bodies. This certainly revives memories of the cold-blooded murder of the 16 jawans killed in April, 2001.

Truce among the border is highly impossible. Why? Because BDR fires without any provokation. Maybe just to stop border fencing or maybe to distract BSF so that scores of refugees can filter into India. Government officials say Bangladeshi immigrants are a threat as they are linked to ISI and jehaadis and also that they're causing demographic imbalances. But the Govt. also says that they can't stop infiltration as it can cause a law and order situation.

Then what can be done to this situation? Leave it to Mercy....

Try This : Vande Maataram [A.R.Rahman]


Akshay said...

When humanity looses value its just darwins theory.

Nitin said...

@ Above
That's where our country loses out, Darwin's theory. They prefer sticking on to "Humanity". Its evident they become "Losers".

Akshay said...


I Differ on views here. We tolerate and strike back. Dont forget we have never lost a battle and our army is regarded the MOST ETHICAL ARMY in the world today. Second most efficient after the ISREALI army and we are the BEST in more things than one. I have a lot of respect for our armed forces and we stick to humanity coz we are human beings the most complex and least available creation of the almighty. We are not losers. Rather we never will be.

Nitin said...

@ Above
Hey!! I never dare talk against our fab army. THe fact remains we consider humanity while others don't. If Darwin's theory takes over, Don't forget, "under our conditions" we would certainly be losers. As far as the BSF wars, I can feel safe that our army will keep India's border is intact.