Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A spell of relief!!

This is a view of Namma Bengaluru as on Tuesday evening. Phew!! After some really scorching days with soaring temperature in Bangalore for the past few days, but as usual the garden city weather has an uncanny knack of dropping the unusually high mercury levels (if any) suddenly with cool spells of rain. The photo above (courtesy DH) certainly shows the same.

Now some people really love to get such relief but namma Bengaluru also has a very rude approach in these circumstances. The first service to be affected would be the electricity. The best ever electricity board in the world (or the other way around) is always the first casuality of heavy rains. Problem or no problem, the personnel in the KPTCL & BESCOM would switch off all supply mains in no time of the commencement of the rains. The other casualities may be the telephone lines, trees getting uprooted and sundry drivers who recklessly crash into you out of control!

As a result, the motorists on the roads are the ultimate sufferers. Well, yesterday I managed to travel home by the office cab. Safe!! But had I chosen to travel by the motor-cycle as i sometimes do, i'd be one of those people cursing everyone around.

First off, the rains begin lashing without any early warning. The clouds rush in and just start pouring. And recently, Bangalore has been deprived of any real trees, partly by nature uprooting them and mostly by man cutting them. So, no place to hide from rains as the shops are already full by people who get scared of rains by just looking at the closing clouds. Nextly, the power disruption makes sure that the traffic goes hay-wire. So, stand in front of a heavily smoking silencer, simultaneously getting drenched in the rain. Not to mention the maniac drivers.

So, Bangalore manages to thrill its inhibitants, rain or sun. But, lets hope it rains so for another day or two so that people remain cool.

Varuna Devaam aham pranayaami !! (I pray the Rain Gods!!)

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