Wednesday, March 30, 2005

To Die or To Die

India - Pakistan have always been two fighting blocks in the world. Wars come and wars go, but always, the two most dis-content countries of the world are India-Pakistan. Well, if either of these want to keep up peace, the other doesn't want. Usually the former would be India, and the latter Pakistan. Pakistan has always eyed at improving their meagre country area.

Well for years, the countries have fought like wrestlers, lots of blood shed all around, national wastage of artillery and man-power, day and night things go haywire. But ultimately what happens? Pakistan capture something and India re-capture.

Then again, the two PMs meet, hold long talks, again waste of time and man-power. These talks lead to a bunch of media-persons wasting their time collecting the words of these men and airing them on radios and TVs. The press print them. People the world over tune into their channels and what they do? Waste their time. Morning, afternoon, evening and even at night people glue themselves to news. Overall the people who ignore this is the youth. But hey!! don't think they dont waste time.

20% of the youth are enrolled with the military, another 20% aspire for this. the rest go about fooling & freaking around.

That's not the worst part. When things start cooling all around, people would like to make news. How? Start over with a fresh new drama all around. They start talking about peace talks. "Lets start an inter-country bus service" says one PM and the other promptly agrees. What happens? The PM of the country who started off the war (usually the PAK PM) would make sure that he is on top in the list of traitors, which is listed out by his own country's militant groups.

Right! Once the bus service is all set for a flag-off, people opt to travel by the bus. This may or may-not be a waste of time. Some people may travel for business sake. Some travel for the heck of it and hey! they do waste their time. Now, what happens is that the militants send out warning messages to these people who intend to travel in the bus saying that the bus can also be called a "COFFIN on WHEELS". People who travel by the bus would also be added to the militants' list of traitors. Fine, people manage to find a solution for the question which now would stare in the eyes: "TO DIE or TO DIE". They would be assured a secure trip. But who needs to do it that way? No stopping here, no stopping there. Once on-board the Bus, the next imagination would be what to do when (and if) he/she goes back home safely. Pray God that things succeed. The Srinagar - Muzaffarabad buses are expected to be flagged off on the 7th April 2005, in a peace pact with Pakistan.


Akshay said...

A BIG Recurring joke! Its just shows how shabby it can get when religion takes over power and there is no unanimity in it.

Elaborate on waste of time, u mean u and me are wasting time coz we are not in military nor do we aspire. Thats bull...

Nitin said...

I mean u and i are saving time to waste it elsewhere some other time 'coz we aren't in the military and don't aspire to be where we dont belong. Nice comment. Waste of time is not what i talk of. But I know the whole thing is bull-crap!!