Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The fastest Indian on road

Ever wonder about the technological advancements that take place day by day? Have you given a thought about why actually automobiles in Europe and America cost so dear? It is a simple answer to it. Indians have the technology, they have the brains. What they dont have is time organization.
But not anymore. The fact is that India has at last ended one more mark, another milestone in the technology era. No! This time it is not any technological innovation, but it is some sort of partnership that makes technology and automobiles meet, 1:1.

Narain Karthikeyan. That is the man i am talking about. By far, he is the best Indian racer who has had everything in the right place with the right time. He had speed and dedication when he needed sponsors, he had sponsors when he needed promotion and he had a huge lot of promotion when he needed hype. And yes! Hype is what he got. The end result? Narain is now in one of the 20 esteemed seats that usually race alternate saturdays, for 6 months in a year for the ultimate crown of motorsports, the Drivers' champion of Formula 1. Narain may not be in a position to score even a single point this season for his meagre Jordan-Midland team who unveiled their this season's car after other teams had almost completed testing for the first 2 races of the season. But still, he's in a great shape to show off that he can "RACE". That is the most important factor if he needs to keep growing. And he knows that the best. Well, As far as we know, he has grown from the depths of this racing well to heights and hey! he still has to keep up his growth until he gains his ultimate crown for which he is here.
He has all the abilities to make 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher look silly!! But for that to be possible, one of the following two conditions should satisfy:
  1. Narain Karthikeyan also drives a Ferrari with equal setup advantage as Michael has (OR)
  2. Michael steps down from the Red Scarlet which has proved to be the most luckiest in the last decade.

But what can Narain Karthikeyan do if by chance his efforts go un-noticed? Well for this question, maybe a person from famous countries like japan, brazil or germany will need to bother. As far Narain, he is the FIRST Indian to be in that priced seat and obviously has to be noticed by all. So efforts or no efforts, Narain is sure to make up places fast. And he will. Like he tested for Jaguar Racing (which is now running as Red Bull Racing) at the end of 2002 but was unfortunate to land a drive in 2003 due to shortage of funds. But now, Narain has made sure he's there and proven to all that he is the fastest in his Team already.

Thank his sponsors Bharat Petroleum, TATA racing and JK Tyres, India also has its own Formula One racer, a Legend and a Hero for many followers of the racing religion

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