Monday, July 03, 2006

Wierd Me...

Hi All, This is just another of those wierd tags by, yours truly, Akshay. And of course, its been long time since I got tagged by this chap. But I think this gives me another reason to start blogging again. Here go the 6 wierd things about me:

A) I hate listening to Himmesh's voice but still have almost all the songs sung by him and keep listening to it quite often

B) I'm a Systems Programmer but still involve a lot in researching automobiles

C) I'd like to work at odd hours and odd days even if I know it will go unnoticed

D) I hate to work when my manager is around but he is my guide

E) I want decent north Indian Lunch/Dinner in Tirupati

F) I still keep track of CET counselling status even if I'm done with it 5 years ago!!

I pass this tag on to Vasu.

Try This Song: Jhalak Dikhlaja (Aksar, Himmesh) :P

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