Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One more Krazee Tag - from Akshay

I don't know how things go on from now on. All I have to do, is be creative enuf in writing a Luv story in 55 words. I haven't considered a's and I's as a word.

So, here goes.... Presenting the shortest love story (55 words):

A skinny punk always observed only women in his shop. He didn't match neither's height nor build, quite opposite to his!!

So, he let his parents choose his bride. But his parents were to choose a similar girl well known to them.

Once she met him and smiled lovingly. He fell in love and married her.

Hmmm... now, I pass this on to Vasu, Kishore. Lets c if anyone else is intersted in picking the tag on their own...

Try This Muzik: Mai Shaayar to Nahee (Mohd. Rafi)


Akshay said...

oye the tag was about a story not a love story. and to fall in love for one smile is infactuation :P

Nitin said...

ur tag didn't mention it was just a story and I picked up ur tag only. :P And I am not that creative to bring out a small luv story in 55 words.....