Monday, August 29, 2005

Tenaliram's Wit......

The following is one of those incidents involving Tenaliram and Raja Krishnadevaraya where-in the undisputed winner was obviously Tenaliram.

The Sage:

Once the village where Tenaliram lived had a severe drought. There was no water left even for drinking. During this period, when the drought was at its peak, a Sage arrived in the village by-chance from elsewhere. As the sage entered the village, the villagers experienced sudden torrential rains. By default, the villagers thanked the sage for his superstitious entry into the village.

At this, Tenaliram went up to the sage and said, "Sage, please, hope you know about the old date tree...". In return, the sage just smiled. The other villagers present there were quite perplexed. One of them asked Tenaliram, "Dear Tenaliram, we couldn't comprehend the meaning of your sentence..."

Tenaliram narrated the story quite mockingly, "Once a crow sat on an old date tree, and the dates in that tree fell on the people below. So, the people declared the crow is the culprit."

The people realised what Tenaliram meant. He had appealed to the people that co-incidence is not a miracle. And the people praised him too for that. Tenaliram had easily cleared the people's mind of all their superstitious views!!!

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Akshay said...

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